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– Where is the Library of the Foundation of the Hellenic World located and when can we visit it?
– The Library of the Foundation of the Hellenic World is located at 38 Poulopoulou street, 118 51 Athens, telephone +30212 254 8030, fax +30212 254 3838.
The Library is open: Monday-Friday: 9.00-17.00
The Library is closed on national holidays.

– What material does the Library have?
– Printed Material: it consists of 10,000 volumes, which include books from all the categories of sciences, albums, guides, informative material (encyclopedias and dictionaries), journals etc.
Photographic Material: it hosts all the available digital information of the Foundation, which consists of illustrative and audiovisual material of all types.
Audiovisual Material: the Library possesses significant number of digital publications of cultural content – in the form of cassettes and CD-ROMs– and images.

– Is the Library a lending one and if yes for whom?
– The Library is a lending one solely for the Foundation’s staff.
For the wider public this service will be provided in the future.

– I am not part of the Foundation’s staff. Can I visit its Library?
– The Foundation’s Library has not yet opened for the public and services only the needs of the Foundation’s staff. The only exceptions are researchers or university students, at their graduate or post-graduate studies, who need material from the Library.

– How can I search through the printed and audiovisual material of the Library?
– Through the electronic catalogue which is freely accessed.

– How can I find an article, if I know the title of the journal where it was published?
– You have to contact with the Library personnel and they will inform you whether they have the specific journal and issue you are looking for.

– Can I borrow or photocopy material from the Library?
– It is not allowed to lend or photocopy the material of the Library.

– What is the electronic catalogue of the Library?
– The electronic catalogue of the Library is the tool that enables all users to locate books, journals, newspapers and non printed material that is part of the Library’s collection without having to visit it themselves.

– Can I lend material to your Library (books, archives, journals etc)?
– The Library received donations taking under consideration always the policy of accepting donations, as well as the possible terms from the donor. See the unit ”Donations”.